Monday, October 24, 2016

potty training

Treats for going poop in the toilet started out BIG. Then once he was more used to it, we switched to much smaller treats, and then nothing. 

birthday boy!

Right on time, this birthday boy started to receive his birthday cards and gifts from his grandparents. Thanks everyone! :)  Sully takes a very long and serious time looking at each of his cards. It's really fun. 

Grandma Kim always sends additional gifties for the three NON-birthday kids, which is very sweet. They look forward to that.  This time it was paints. Thanks Grandma!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

music class

Music class was a huge hit, especially the part when they got to try out different instruments. Ms. Mary would teach them how to properly use them, and then they got to try them out. The thunder drum was Sully's favorite, and Lullaby loved any time she was allowed to dance around. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

daddy date

Paul as asked to be the doctor for some of the football games here. He's specifically Waianae High's doctor. He gets to sit on the sidelines and go back to the coach's room and eat all the free food, and even bring his kid along if he wants.  It was Hawken's turn for a date and he went with Paul to a game. Hawk had a blast and came home LATE.  The next morning he told us all the stories. 

They do J.V. and Varsity, this was the J.V. team (ours is the team on the left - the big boys). Paul said the J.V. team had boys bigger that the boys on his varsity team from when he was in high school, and the Waianae Varsity looked more like college football. They make BIG boys out here, and they're serious about their football. It's pretty fun.


Envying friends with pools for all of my life, and now we have one in our neighborhood. It is super awesome, and we use it the most out of any resident I'm pretty sure. There are so many times when we go and we're the only ones there. It's crazy!

past life

Caught teaching Lullaby something from one of my past lives. Some day I will put her in ballet class. She's desperate to be a ballerina.


There is nothing better than this. My sweet sleeping babies. Plus, I finally got a good video of Lullaby doing the dream sucking thing that she's done since she was a baby. All my babies did this when they were babies, but she still does. I think it's so funny and cute. She also runs the arms and legs of her baby doll through her fingers when she's getting tired. Such a funny girl.

the view

The first few weeks Paul was working, he was training at the different facilities they have here. One of the places was in Nanakuli (which we super love). This was the beach he ate lunch on during that time. Now he works in a different city, but isn't this view amazing?!

welcome card

My dad always sends us our first mail, in each new place we move. I swear he mails it before we've actually moved, just to make sure its there when we arrive. Thanks Dad for the welcome card and ice cream money. We did find a place, and spent that money right away! :)


We spend most of our time on the beach. It's by far our favorite place to be. I'm even learning how to surf. So far I'm not very good at it yet, but I've caught a few waves and it's really fun. 

potty time!

Just a few days before his birthday, Sully decided he was ready for potty training. I wasn't sure that he was really ready, because he had only ever occasionally shown an interest in anything to do with the potty. But he was ready. It took him about a week to get the hang of it. He caught on quickly and slept through the night without any accidents. Since August when he started, he's had just 2 over night accidents, and a few day time ones, which seem to come in spurts. This week, for instance, he's has 3 accidents already, but last week there were none.  He's sure proud of himself and LOVES his Star Wars unders, especially when he can see himself. We sent this video to Paul on the day we started, and as you can see, he loved looking at himself. :)

Friday, October 21, 2016

race and turtle beach

We signed up for a FAMILY 5K, and were really excited to do it. What we didn't plan for, however, was the traffic we would hit on our way there. We were too late to do the race (only 10 minutes - but people were already finishing), so we had our own race near the parking lot. The kids were disappointed at first, but were excited with our own silly race. 

Then we went to a secret beach. There is a beach, near Disney Aulani, that has no signs and is tricky to get to. A friend told us about it and we thought we would give it a shot. There was SO much wildlife and so many beautiful things to see there! We had a great time.

We weren't prepared for the beach, so the kids all wore their shorts or just a diaper in Sully's case.

We saw tons of fish, sea cucumbers, a monk seal, eels, crabs, and after a while, the sea turtles came in.  No joke, we swam with sea turtles. We've done it a million times since this first experience, and it's magical every time. I love them!  Because of the turtles, we've named this beach Turtle Beach. It's awesome.

Proof of a fun day!