Monday, April 24, 2017

bed head

I am sincerely trying to catch up on this blog, and today was SO busy that I am just now sitting down to do a post. It's just after 8:00pm here, but most of my readers (grandmas and grandpas) have gone to bed... So you'll get this bright and early in the morning, if that's when you read the blog. So here is what we look like early in the morning. Bed head and jammies.  I am caught up to the end of February now. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

beach day

Beach days with the big boys are our favorites. When Paul comes in for a break from surfing, they play soccer. Matix really has the fake hurt thing down. See him in the second picture laying on the ground? He popped up two seconds later. Stinker.

In the forest near the beach, the kids built forts. So cool!

Sully's hair gets SO curly on the beach. That saltwater breeze makes for tight messy curls on this boy. 


Lullaby and Sully also have a pack of friends on the street. Arabella, Olivia, Emma and Cybil are some of them.  It's such a great neighborhood to live in.


My mornings are filled with errands and play time, usually a balance of the two. I love these sweet kids.


Shar and Jayna are the best babysitters. Sully and Lullaby actually love them. 

lost pup

Matix found a lost dog and knocked on every house in our cul-de-sac and the next trying to find the owners. This was during the days of rain, so he was worried he might get scared or wet if we left him out. We found the owner and were all relieved. 


The playground and splash pad are so much fun. When we go, we bring half of our street with us.

The kids picked grapefruits from the trees too, which made for fun games.

Here's most of the crew that came with us.

rain rain

It rained for 2 days and our garden grew like crazy. So exciting!  The tomato plants grew taller than me, folded down and rerooted in another area. Now we have tomatoes everyday. Yum!

All the rain made us a little stir crazy inside so much though, and we had to come up with new ways to entertain ourselves...


After finding Paul's helmet, and realizing he didn't wear it to work, we decided we should bring it to him. Well, going out to see Daddy isn't a quick thing. One must get ready and have their hair done in order to see Daddy... This day's request was "a small french braid and a big pink bow, not close enough for my eyes to see it when I'm walking, but I can still see it in the mirror".  After a couple tries, this is what she meant.

Then Lulli got a pretend check up, because what's the point of having a doctor for a dad without a free check up every now and then?

Lulumahu Falls

We went with the boys scouts on a hike to see Lulumahu Falls. The hike started in a forest of bamboo, then went to a big clearing with a steep hill to climb, then back into the woods, and finally to the falls. The path wasn't always easy to see, and made for some tricky hiking, but the kids did great and everyone had fun.

We saw some really well done graffiti just after the river and clearing, before going back into the woods.

Some previous hikers had left trail markers for us, and we tried to make some too.

The falls were SO tall and impressive. Pictures don't do it justice.  Ferns grow all along the sides and makes for a very wet and serene resting spot.

Some of the boys got in the water, but it's cold and spring fed, so I stayed as dry as possible. The hike back out was just as fun and challenging. We had to use ropes for parts of it, but mostly it was easy, with the occasional river crossing.

Then back to the steep hill in the clearing. Sully loved that part. Matix found these spikes balls and threw them at us from a hiding place until he was found out. Stinker.

Lullaby made a new best friend, Stephanie. She preferred hiking with her instead of us. We have really met the nicest people here. Everyone takes care of everyone. I love that Aloha mentality.