Saturday, June 24, 2017

school day

We live on a street covered in kids. On the way to and from school there is a huge pack of them that go together, with a couple parents too.  I love that the big kids in the group, have taken an interest even in Sully. They all give hugs good bye to each other at the various drop off locations on campus. Here is Payton will Sully. 

Sully waits in the cafeteria and usually brings a toy to show his friends. It's been so fun to watch him develop more friendships with kids his age.

And as always this girl is hunting for the smallest cutest thing she can find. It's usually shells, because we are usually at the beach, but sometimes it's flowers.

After school pickup, Sully's class often has activities for the kids, siblings and parents to get together. It's nice for the parents to get to know one another and the siblings too. It makes for a really tight group.

mini date

Lullaby and I went on a mini date to Jamba Juice while Paul met with some people about advertising for his 329 card business. We sat at a table near him, and enjoyed our drinks. I love this girlie.

crashed out

When Paul sleeps, he REALLY sleeps. He plays hard, and works hard, and sleeps that same way too. We love Hawaii, but it's hard to hide from that constant sunshine! Here's his attempt at hiding from the sun under his sheet.

broken windshield

While driving on the highway, someone lost something (wood? stone?) the size and shape of a large brick, out of the back of their truck. It hit cars in front of me and flipped up over the top of the car directly in front of me, in my lane, and hit my car. It was super scary, and made BIG circular cracks right where I look. We lucked out and didn't crash. But we did have to buy a new windshield, which was expensive. Oh well. But they came straight to the house and replaced it during nap time. Perfect!


My dad got his first smart phone! At age 79! It's been really fun to watch him master this new skill. Initially I got a few strange messages, and lots of pictures of the couch, and the cat... But now it's really great and I feel like I know more of the regular events and goings-on in Wisconsin. I love you Dad. I hope I will try crazy new things when I grow up too.

field trip

I was asked to join my favorite 8-year-old's class on a field trip to the Hawaii Theatre to see a children's musician. It was tons of fun, and I got lots of snuggles from my sweet baby boy.

Coumba was in Matix's group. She has a MAJOR crush on Matix and he eats up all the attention he gets from her. It was cute seeing them interact.


Living in this neighborhood has really made our time here just magical. There are SO many friends we know and run into when we are out. At the playground, we don't have to invite anyone because we know we will run into some when we get there! Sully and Beckam are the cutest little friends. 


Auntie Pat is one of MOST favorite people here in Hawaii. She is kind, and generous, and amazing. When we come to take care of her garden there is always a feast. The day in the picture was from a day when she made several different sausages, coconut biscuits, waffles, and cocoa. My kids were shocked to find out that this was a choice for breakfast... We love you Auntie!


These two, despite their fierce stubbornness and disagreements, really love each other. Pick up from preschool is a magical time of day. So many kisses and loves, and holding hands, and sometimes Sully gets his way and is carried most of the way back home.


When friends move away, especially good friends, like the Hunt family, it's hard to say goodbye. Thankfully though, they're just moving an island away, and we're moving there too! So really, it's just a "see you soon" not a "goodbye". They stayed with us their last night on Oahu. It was a party! The kids played really nicely together while Amy and Andy made trips to the shipping dock to send all their stuff to Kauai.  Hannah asked if we could make cookies, um, yes please! See you soon Hunts!

surf lesson

Paul makes surfing look really easy. Our friends came out with us one day for a little surf lesson. The waves weren't the greatest that day, and also, surfing isn't easy. Here's Paul:

Here's his friend Jeff:

Pam and I took the kiddies to the woods to explore. So much fun at this beach.

Friday, June 23, 2017

date day!

Paul and I went on a day date to the temple and out to lunch. We ate tons of food at Waimea Falls and had to keep moving so this huge peacock didn't steal it. He was quite fierce, but so pretty.
The temple was lovely as always. It's such a nice quiet thoughtful place to go and feel peace. When our lives are especially busy is always the best time to go.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

walk to school

More pictures of walking to school. I love how involved Paul is. I've said it before, but really, he's such a good dad. Also, Lullaby isn't going to school, she's just wearing Sully's backpack. Sweet girl.