Friday, December 2, 2016


On a particularly hot and sweaty day, nap time was interesting.  Lullaby made herself a little wind tunnel in Hawken's bottom bunk and hung a blanket up to stop the airflow from escaping from the fan at her feet.

Sully also took matters into his own hands and ditched his blankies and pillow to lay with his face in the fan, even if it meant his feet were hanging off the bed. Silly boy.
I was impressed with both of my little problem solvers.  They are such clever kids.

sand castles

One morning at White Plains, while Paul surfed, Solace finally let me show him about sand castles. It's SUPER hard for him to wait for it to be made without squashing it, but once it's done he is SO excited! Then of course, we become monsters, or bad guys or giants and stomp them all down flat and start again.

baby beach

I took the Flores' to see Lagoon 4 in Ko Olina. There are virtually no waves (which is why our family calls it Baby Beach).  They loved it and it acme Makenzie's favorite beach.  You cannot beat the beach with friends.

pool morning

I'm pretty sure I could just live at the pool. We spend SO much time there.  

This is Sully's "shark bite" toy, which goes with him lots of places, but especially the pool.  It used to have 4 little fish it could gobble up, but I think we only have 2 left. With friends sharing toys, it's hard to keep an eye on all the pieces. But Sully doesn't mind as long as he has his shark bite.

surfing doc

When Paul's patients find out that he's "a surfer boy", he gets more respect from them. And boy does he love to surf. We picked him up after work one day and went to the beach on a whim. There was good surf, so you know he HAD to go in. Wearing his scrubs still... Of course he did.

Oh, and a picture of Sully not being shy and peeing on the beach. He always announces it loudly first too, in case there was anyone not maying attention...


With the Flores family here, we had 7 kids, which meant lots of fun play mornings. Emme and Sully were best friends and worst enemies, everyday. This picture was taken when they were playing nicely, and having fun, and not two minutes after I put my phone down Emme stuck her tongue out at Sully, which made him scream, which made her scream, which made him scratch her, which made her knock him down and run to her mom tattling... Life is so full of ups and downs.

urban garden

A group of friends and I went to see the "Urban Garden", it's hidden in plain sight in the middle of the city. There was a small hedge maze, lots of native flowers and plants, and little activity areas for the kids. They had a great time!  Trying to get a picture of all the kids was completely impossible. These were the 2 best shots. There were more than 15 kids.

This was a zen garden and if you followed the path it would loop you back and forth like a maze until you got back to the beginning again. Very cool.

Trying to get a selfie with this baby is nearly impossible. He kisses and loves on me every chance he gets. By far, my most snuggly baby.

The pizza garden was really cool. Besides looking like a pizza, there were tomatoes, basil, oregano, and other things you need for making a real pizza growing there. So clever.

It was a fun and tiring day. We ate a picnic lunch there with all the friends and then came home for naps. Wiped out!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Bike boys, through and through. Paul was happy to have Johnny around for nights when he was working on his bike. Talking bikes is not my thing.

neighborhood beach

This may be my new favorite picture of Lullaby. It's just SO her. Wild and free.

This is the view of Honolulu from our side of Pearl Harbor. I love when the clouds hang down low like that and touch the mountains.

The Flores family met up with us and it became a huge party at the beach. The kids love having friends to play with all the time.

Hawken found some sea sponge and was cleaning our feet, yes please.

The kids and dads tried to build little pools in and around the rocks, and every so often a huge wave would come through and wash them out. The kids screamed with excitement each time and then hurried to rebuild everything.