Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Year's Eve

Right away, we headed out for the beach. It was a tight squeeze to fit everyone in our car, but we made it happen. 

We took them to Makua Beach to watch the last sunset of the year.  What a great way to spend New Year's Eve. Yes please.

A few more friends met up with us too, and we practically had the beach to ourselves. So beautiful.

Lullaby tried out her NEW mermaid swimsuit, which Ash and Ranger call "togs".  They thought us all sorts of weirdy words they use in New Zealand.

As the sun started setting, it got cooler, and at 76 degrees, Kara was frozen. We laughed as we all thought of colder places we had lived, since 76 is actually not that cold.

Paul took Ash and Ranger out to snorkel a bit by the reef.

Ash took these great family photos of us, probably my favorite of all time.

I got one of the two of them jumping, kind of classic Ashley.

We redid a picture that we had done together in New York City on New Year's Eve when we had gone on a massive road trip together once in 2004. I love that we're still great friends this many years later.

Pictures of my favorite guy. Paul set up this whole surprise with Ashley and KEPT the secret. I was shocked at how good he is getting at this. I love you hubby.

There it is, the last sunset of 2016. It was perfect.

Friday, March 24, 2017


She finally did it! Ashley surprised me, instead of me surprising her. Paul even helped and I had no clue! Ash and Ranger flew in (thanks Rena!) and walked right up to the door. It took me a minute to process it, but once I realized what was happening it was tears and hugs all around. Living in New Zealand makes it hard for a girl to see her bestie, but it helps with us living in Hawaii now... It is a TINY bit closer to each other.
More pictures from her adventures here to come. They stayed for a week and we had the best time. SO so good to see Ash and Ranger. :)


Paul makes friends easily, and especially with those who you'd never expect. One of Paul's best friends here in Hawaii is Eric. He's is almost 70, and he and Paul are kindred spirits. They went out with Eric's Hawaiian Canoe Club and rowed on the ocean for hours. Paul actually got blisters from the ride. Then they hiked up a mountain to see the distance they had traveled by boat earlier that morning. They saw a double rainbow and some really well done tagging. Cheers to making new friends every place we move.

morning snuggles

The best way to do mornings is dripping with babies. I love these sweet boys of mine. I'll take all the cuddles I can get. 

friend party

Our neighbors (and friends) celebrated their daughter's birthday with a HUGE bounce.  Our kids were more than excited to have that bounce house in our communal area of our yard. Yes please. 

Lullaby's hair for the occasion, had to be photographed so she could see and approve my work. It passed.

Party hats and balloons filled with confetti and cake, you can't ask for more in a party. 

Since our ids call their house, the "other house", we came inside and upstairs after the party was over to play more.  Emma loved her party day and it was fun to share it with her. Happy birthday!

to the movies

Taking the kids to the movies doesn't happen as often as I would like, it turns out that it's crazy expensive to bring 4 kids to the movies, but when we do go, we have a blast. We took the kids to see Sing! and they loved it. 


Some of the LDS apostles say the most profound things. I love this quote. So powerful and true.  Thank you Jeffrey R. Holland for another inspiring quote.

big boys surfing

Paul LOVES the water. The only thing he loves better than surfing, is surfing with his boys. They really love it. Matix is more adventurous, and more of a risk-taker. Hawken is more calculated and careful, but naturally talented for this sport.  It's fun to watch Paul teaching them.

Paul also teaches his friends... Here's his friend Andy going out for a lesson. :)