Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lullaby's first haircut!

Lullaby has never had a haircut. Ever. She is 5 years old, and it's finally time. Her hair was down to her bum and a lot thinner at the ends than the rest of her hair. It was time.  Her are her before pictures...

A friend of mine in the neighborhood cuts hair, so we rode our bikes over there and we both got hair cuts. My hair was getting gross too, and far to long.  Lullaby was a little nervous at first, but then so excited!

Afters! Her hair is just a few inches longer than her shoulders.  She instantly looks older. I love it. And I didn't cry.

And you know I did a little video...

Also, I super love my hair this length. Lullaby and I got matching cuts, now, to change the color... :)

Church Christmas Party

Our ward Christmas party was SO much fun. Paul helped cook the food (they did an Imu - pictures in another post), and there was a talent show for the entertainment. Sully couldn't stop dancing all night. It was very entertaining. Even the people who were just joking around for their "talents" made it really fun, plus there are some actual talented people here. We were really impressed.

As a surprise, Lullaby and some of the other kids did a little dance on the stage. It was so much fun watching her up there. She loved it. Sully missed out, but tried his best to join in at the last minute. Stinker.

Santa looked really familiar this year. I guess the costume they had wouldn't fit any of the big Hawaiian, Tongan, or Samoan boys, so Paul had to wear it. Solace was very suspicious of him all night. He loves Daddy, and he loves Santa, so he was very happy.

Friday, February 17, 2017


Sully's favorite nursery teacher at church was Sister Penitusi. She was seriously the sweetest. He would see her in the halls and run to her, and sit with her sometimes during sacrament meeting. She moved away, and I had to take a picture of them together on her last day. As soon as January came, Sully started in Sunbeams, which is the 3 year old class, so he wouldn't be in nursery anyway, but it just wasn't the same without her. We miss you!

pool time

December was cooler than the other months, but still warm enough for the pool if we went in the middle of the day. Otherwise it was too cold, like 79 degrees. Brrr....
Also, this is Presley, one of Lullaby's favorites. She is Matix's friend Tate's little sister. 

call me santa

We sent out lots of packages this year before Christmas, I felt like Santa. Until I got to the post office, and I realized why Santa uses a large bag.  Imagine me, with Solace and Lullaby (pre-nap, so they weren't cooperating) carrying all 9 packages stacked one on top of another into the store. Calling after the 2 littlest to stay with me, and not run into the road, or pick up the chewed gum on the ground, and not drop anything... USPS was about to close, so I didn't have time to make 2 trips to the car. I didn't love their shortened "holiday hours" for several weeks of December.  But we made it, and so did the packages. Merry Christmas!


The kids love to use my snapchat app to send and receive messages with their friends, and aunties. Auntie Holly wins the award for silliest snaps. They laugh out loud at most of her snaps. Thanks Holly for being constant entertainment for my kiddos, even when we're states away!


When a package includes lollipops, it's the nest day ever! Thank you!


Seriously, we live here. This is the best. 

Cactus monster

On the way out of our community, there is a GIANT cactus, which is growing out of control. We live on the drier side of the island, but I was super surprised to see any cactus. When we drive by it, the kids insist we slow down, roll the windows down and look at it. It's pretty impressive. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017


I love it when we watch TV all cuddled up like this. These kiddies are so snuggly on me and on Paul. I love them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

wild thing

THIS is what my three year old's elbows (and knees, and sometimes parts of his head) look like. He thinks he's one of the big kids and will not slow down. Poor thing.  But he's brave, and usually I only see the bruises and scraped long after they have happened, and the big kids fill me in on what happened.


Almost every single time I have gone to the beach here in Hawaii, I find 2 mermaids! Aren't they cute?!


Grandpa Chuck sent treats in a package for us.  Little chocolate Christmas trees! We ate them for our treat after family home evening. They were so yummy, thanks Grandpa! 

O Christmas Tree

We went to a little local plant nursery to pick out our tree this year. We tried to find an evergreen tree that still had it's roots, but were told there aren't any on the island. So we went here to find an alternative. 

We decided on a banana tree and somehow managed to fit it in our car, along with our 4 kids and the 2 of us...

It was a very unconventional Christmas tree, but we loved the idea of planting a native tree afterward. And with one string of big bulb lights it did look festive. Once the presents were there too, it was officially our Hawaiian Christmas tree.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hawaiian Imu

Paul got together with several of the people in our ward (mostly Samoan, and Tongan) and made this Hawaiian Imu for our ward Christmas party. It was an ALL day event. Matix and Lullaby went with Paul early in the morning, long before the sun came up, to start the fire and get the lava rocks hot enough.  They used wet banana branches to create all the smoke.  The kids loved helping.
The Imu started days before, when they collected rocks from specific beaches, and prayed a special Hawaiian prayer over them. This whole thing has been so interesting, and never something that anyone in our family has done before. They also prayed over the site where they were going to dig the hole, and again before they started the fire, and after the meat was there, and after it was buried. I am so happy my kids get to see this amazing Hawaiian (and Tongan and Samoan) culture up close. It's so cool.

After several hours of heating up the rocks until they were all glowing, they took some of them out of the pit.  Took the meat (pig and turkey) wrapped in several other plants, and then banana leaves and put them in the fire. They covered them back up with more rocks, and then dirt.  The Imu cooked for several hours, right up until it was dinner time at the church. They made SO much food. Everything was super yummy.  Thanks for all your hard work!

That's Matix standing on top of the whole thing. It was very smokey.