Friday, January 20, 2017

why not?

When you're 3 years old, and SUPER cute, you get away with a lot of stuff. Like insisting on asking the neighbors to borrow a dress-up fire fighter helmet to wear to the store. Why not? And while you're at the store, you'll tell everyone, "Me Sully. I save da day!", even if they weren't talking to you.
Also, bonus points to Lullaby for getting some great photobombs! Cute girl!

game nights

Having more adults in the house meant twice as many excuses for game nights! I taught everyone how to play Mississippi Marbles (a dice game I played wit my family when I was a kid) and they liked it! Plus we ate lots of Halloween candy leftovers. Yes please!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

smart cookie

This is one of the first words Lullaby has tried to sound out on her own. Considering she won't be in kindergarten until net year, I'm very impressed. She drew a picture, and then wrote "bdrfli" - butterfly! Good job Lullaby!

beach day

Another day at Makua Beach with the Reeves, and this time with the Flores family too. So mush fun! 

Paul helped the kids dig this huge pit to play in. It took them a while, but they played in it forever, even after a huge wave came and wrecked it.

Here comes the big wave... Some of them see it and others don't.

Everyone survived it, and the kids got right to work digging it out and filling it back up with more water.

Paul and Johnny went out snorkeling.

The kids sure have fun with each other.

The waves were stronger than usual there and when a bunch of us were in the tide pools a big wave came and pushed us out, and onto the sand. On the way though, Makenzie fell and tumbled and cut her leg and hand. So sad.

In spite of the minor injuries, everyone had a great time. Another fun beach day!

Monday, January 16, 2017

turtle beach

This morning at turtle beach, the turtles came out in groups! There were at least 6 at the same time, swimming around, letting us get really close views of them. They are such beautiful creatures. These two, were particularly fond of Lullaby and followed her as she walked back to me. :)

baby beach

Makenzie and I took our little kids to the beach while the big kids were in school. We had almost the entire thing to ourselves. Come on people! We live in Hawaii! Get out and enjoy it!

I tried to get a jumping picture of all the kids, but this was as good as I got it. Still super cute. :)

Then Sully wanted to try on his own. So cute.

bishop interview

Matix turned 8 in September, and that is how old you have to be (or older) if you decide to be baptized into our church. I understand that most kids do whatever religious things their parents do, but Paul and I really wanted Matix to make his own choice and be happy with it. He decided to not get baptized the minute he turned 8. He had a lot of questions, we read from a book I have called "World Religions" and he prayed a lot. After a while, he decided he wanted to be baptized into our church and we were proud of him for taking time to actually think about it. In order to be allowed to do that though, each person must meet with the bishop and be interviewed, making sure they know what it means to be baptized, and why it's important to keep your promises you make at baptism. Matt was thrilled that he "passed" his interview, and the bishop talked to me privately about how impressed he was with Matix's large scope religious understanding. We're so proud of you Matix for making your own choice and sticking to it.  Here is Matix with Bishop Ma'ake, just after his interview.


The kids got a Halloween card and gift from Auntie Holly and were SO excited to try it out... The green package was called "Slime Baff" and was powder to be added to bath tub water to play in. 

They tried it and LOVED it. They all looked like little green monsters!  It was very slippery and seemed to thicken over time. They played until the water/slime was cold, and I had to add more water to warm them up. Thanks Holly for the strange and wonderful gift! :)

Makua Beach

We went to Makua Beach with the Hunt family, the Dance family, and the Reeves family one evening. It was so much fun. I love this beach, especially as the sun is setting. It's views cannot be beat. The kids played with their friends, and splashed in the tide pools, swam in the water, and buried each other in the sand. Paul went out snorkeling and saw turtles and rays and tons of fish and coral. I chatted with friends, turned my kids into sand mermaids and took a million pictures. We love it here.

Hawaii has the BEST sunsets ever. The best!